IMK Proofreading Services
Frequently Asked Questions
How long will it take you to respond once I send you an article?

After examining the document you want proofread, we will advise you of the delivery date and price as soon as possible. We reply to all mail within office hours. Mail received outside office hours will be answered the following working day.

What exactly does your article review or proofreading service cover?

Proofreading, or final reading, is the review and editing of a text in terms of spelling, grammar, punctuation, coherence and inconsistency and general formatting (such as the use of fonts, spaces, bold or italic characters, etc.) It does not include rewriting the text or modifying it in a way that is contradictory to its original content.

Who will proofread my work?

Your work will be proofread by our contracted native English-speaking editors. No matter how good his command of the language, a non-native English speaker cannot match the proofreading service provided by a native English-speaking editor. For this reason we work exclusively with NATIVE ENGLISH-SPEAKING professional editors. As an added convenience, we ensure that after your first article, all your future material will be proofread by the same editor. As a result, your work will be consistent in style.

Why should I work with you instead of a translation office? What is the difference?

Due to the nature of the work they perform, translation offices do not usually employ native English-speaking editors. Therefore, English texts you send to translation offices are reviewed by non-native translators with a limited command of English. Imagine you wrote an article in Spanish and had it reviewed by a non-Spanish foreigner. The result would not be very different from the result you would get from sending your article to translation offices for proofreading. However, the linguists we work with do not make a living from translations, but from reviewing and correcting articles written in English. Therefore, they produce material that is far superior in quality to that of the proofreading performed by non-native English-speaking translators.

How long will it take to have my article proofread?

This entirely depends on the length and condition of the article. However, as a general rule we need about 24 hours per 1,000 words. If you need faster service, please let us know and we will do our best to deliver more quickly.

Can I see the changes made to my article?

We deliver two copies of the article so that you can see exactly what changes were made. In the document entitled "corrected copy" you will be able to see all the changes made through the "show changes" feature of MS Word. On the other hand, the document entitled "original copy" will have all changes accepted. Therefore, you will be able to use this document without making any further changes.

The confidentiality of my work is very important for me. What measures do you take in relation to confidentiality?

The confidentiality of the work prepared by our clients is very important to us. Indeed, our future and the continuity of our business depend on the attention we pay to this matter. We guarantee that we will never disclose the content of material entrusted to us by our clients to any third party individual or organization. In addition, all the editors we work with are contractually bound to comply with our terms of strict confidentiality. For more detailed information on this matter, please see "Confidentiality Commitment".

Do you accept urgent works?

Yes, but it is subject to extra charges. Please contact us for more detailed information.

I need to have an English article rewritten using different words but without changing the context. Do you provide such a service?

This service, known as paraphrasing, is usually sought by individuals intending to plagiarize other people's work. This is completely against our working principles. If you require this service for other reasons please explain your intentions and we will evaluate the situation.

How can I pay you? Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, you can safely pay through online payment platforms such as; Skrill, Payza, Payoneer, 2checkout or wm transfer.

When do I pay you?

You pay us after you get the proofread article.

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